Challenge your friends or meet new people from all over the world while playing Minesweeper on your Android phone!

Features include:

— Play both local and online games

— Challenge your friends

— Start new games with random players

— Chat with your friends in-game

— Bombing capabilities

— Climb up the leaderboard

August 20, 2013 — Sadly, we are not able to continue development on this game due to other life commitments (ie. finding real jobs). Thanks to all of our awesome fans for playing along!

Global Leaderboard

1. Марат Нуриджанян — Elo Rating: 2152.72 6. Kiyoshi Garduño — Elo Rating: 2017.80
2. Vincex Huang — Elo Rating: 2115.06 7. Jack Witek — Elo Rating: 1994.23
3. Amanda Dupuy — Elo Rating: 2111.72 8. Abigail Kramer — Elo Rating: 1988.33
4. Yael Campo — Elo Rating: 2106.54 9. Mecheline Zuiderwijk — Elo Rating: 1977.81
5. Hsiao Chin Wang — Elo Rating: 2018.66 10. Sarsha Jones — Elo Rating: 1954.85

Players Online: 13,378 — Games Played: 68,737 — Moves Made: 3,567,212

What is Minesweeper Flags?

Minesweeper Flags is simply the multiplayer version of classic Minesweeper. The only difference from the single-player game is that there are flags instead of mines and the objective is to hit every flag.

Each board has 51 flags in total, so the first player to hit 26 flags wins. Your turn continues until you miss a flag. To hit a flag, simply tap the square that holds it.

The game is simple, yet surprisingly addictive!

So Who Built This Game, Anyway?

Graham Swan Andrew Ovens

We're two farmers who got bored of combines and started coding. Our aim is to build fun, simple apps that will bring a smile to your face.

Graham is currently living in Thailand and Andrew is working for Microsoft.